we realize the opportunities  with the most talented investors and inventors.

We focuses on investing in quality assets with growth and development potential.


We invest in the next generation of innovations, that shape our future and realize a high returns.

We invest in high-quality smart solutions, products and services with sustainable competitive advantages with strong yields and favorable returns on invested capital, such as smart factory, smart healthcare, to name a few.

Sustainable Opportunities

In a world where the most attractive investment opportunities are often short-lived and difficult to source, analyze and execute.

We focus on sustainable  opportunities across emerging energy solutions, zero emission products, nutrients, health and energy drinks, healthcare and wellness, industrial transport and many others.


The scale of global infrastructure investment demand is enormous, and there is a growing need to replace and expand.

We focus on investing in all parts of the energy supply chain, clean power and energy transmission, and a wide array of public services such as roads, railways, airports, pipelines, bridges, large gas storages, communications network and many others.

Our target infrastructure investment seek control-oriented global infrastructure transactions with limited downside risk, high visibility and active ownership.

Kickoff 4:0

The future of Football

Invest in the future of game sport with proven Industry 4.0 solutions for team ball market such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball and hockey. Meeting the growth, cost and operational excellence demands with a unique license driven model, applied research center to ensure consistent returns to investors.

The Kickoff 4:0 focuses on investing in Industry 4.0 tactical opportunities, game innovation, smart scouting, and smart infrastructure.

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